Hi, I go by the name cketti (the 'c' is silent).

I'm a freelancing software developer focusing on Android. I also write open source software.


K-9 Mail

I started Android development by contributing small patches to K-9 Mail - an open source email client focused on making it easy to chew through large volumes of email. Nowadays I'm the project lead.

Download: [ F-Droid | Google Play | Github ]

K-9 Mail DashClock Extension

When I'm bored I write small apps that interface with K-9 Mail. This is an extension for the popular DashClock Widget to display the number of unread messages in K-9 Mail.

Download: [ F-Droid | Google Play | Github ]

K-9 Mail for SmartWatch

An app to display a notification on your Sony SmartWatch 2 each time K-9 Mail receives a new message.

Download: [ Google Play | Github ]

Attach Contact

A very minimal app that let's you attach contacts to your emails just like any other file.

Download: [ Google Play ]


I help organizing…


If you're looking for an Android developer send me an email to hello@cketti.de.

If you want to talk about one of my open source projects or free software in general you can reach me via: