Hi there 👋

You’ve probably ended up here because a link somewhere still points to this page. For a while I was an independent full-time open source developer. On this page I was asking people who used one of my projects to fund development by becoming a sponsor.

In June 2022 I was hired by Thunderbird to turn K-9 Mail into Thunderbird on Android. Since I’m now getting paid a salary, I’m not asking you to support me directly. However, the Thunderbird project is funded by user donations. So if you like the work I’m doing, please donate to Thunderbird.

If you’re interested in my life as a full-time open source developer, check out these blog posts:

If you’re not here because you’re using K-9 Mail/Thunderbird, please consider supporting other open source projects. You can find a list of projects and individuals looking for donations here: https://liberapay.com/explore/